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2016 Fees

School Fees

MONTHLY (January to October)
The following discounts will apply:
If paid BEFORE 29 FEBRARY 2016 (R11,160.00 R1,575.00 Discount) =
If paid BEFORE 30 JUNE 2016 (R11,160.00 R1,030.00 Discount) =
If paid BEFORE 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 (R11,160.00 R550.00 Discount) =

If paid TERMLY (R2,790.00 R137.50 Discount) = R2,652.5 x 4 Terms =
(Must be paid within the first week of each term)

Payment Options:

The following payment options are available :-

  1. Card Facilities
  2. Debit Orders
  3. Direct Deposits (Banking details are available on request)

Hostel Fees

PAYMENT OPTIONS (Payable strictly in advance)

(Payable IN ADVANCE before commencement of 1st term)
(Payable IN ADVANCE by the beginning of each term)
(R7,030.00 x 4 = R28,120.00)

(Payable IN ADVANCE by the 7th day of EACH month commencing January 2016)
January October 2016 (R2,812.00 x 10 = R28,120.00)


Download the Hostel Policy and Rules 2015

Kimberley Girls’ High School Hostel can be found in the leafy suburb of Belgravia. It is set in beautiful and lush gardens. A team of hostel staff, who are also responsible for maintaining the buildings, lovingly cares for the gardens around Alfred Beit House.

Facilities comprise of tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts and along side is the school’s hockey field.

Residents of Alfred Beit House have a well-structured schedule. Study times are worked into the school week and at weekends. Study times during exams are lengthened.

A committee of elected ABH executives supervises the girls. These members are made up of seniors of the school. They are responsible for maintaining a disciplined and happy environment. Girls are expected to adhere to the rules at all times and those who don’t are dealt with accordingly.

The girls are free to attend church services on Sundays and a youth meeting held every Friday evening.

Camaraderie exists among the girls as the majority have been resident at Alfred Beit House from Grade 8. Sport and cultural activities are well supported by the girls. They therefore show a keen interest in each other’s achievements.

Activities at the hostel include an ABH dance, inter-hostel sport’s day, an awards ceremony and an annual Christmas dinner. The girls themselves coordinate these.

In order to afford luxuries at the hostel, Mrs Margie de Bruin, the Hostel Superintendent, operates the ABH Bed and Breakfast during school holidays. Money raised from the Bed and Breakfast is used to smarten up the hostel and more recently upgraded the Common Room with state of the art television, DVD and surround sound equipment.

A Computer Room is available to the girls i order to do research and complete projects.

A fully equipped Laundry Room is available for girls to do laundry over weekends. A smaller laundry facility is also available on each floor.

Security is of the utmost importance. A guard is employed on a full time basis to endeavour to ensure the girls safety. Visiting hours at the hostel are monitored and strictly controlled.

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