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2015 Applications Forms

Hostel Application Form - 2015
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2014 Fees

School Fees:
R9,600.00 pa
Hostel Fees:
Full board for the year
R24,000.00 pa

Kimberley Girls’ High School Hostel can be found in the leafy suburb of Belgravia. It is set in beautiful and lush gardens. A team of hostel staff, who are also responsible for maintaining the buildings, lovingly cares for the gardens around Alfred Beit House.

Facilities comprise of tennis courts, a swimming pool, squash courts and along side is the school’s hockey field.

Residents of Alfred Beit House have a well-structured schedule. Study times are worked into the school week and at weekends. Study times during exams are lengthened.

A committee of elected ABH executives supervises the girls. These members are made up of seniors of the school. They are responsible for maintaining a disciplined and happy environment. Girls are expected to adhere to the rules at all times and those who don’t are dealt with accordingly.

The girls are free to attend church services on Sundays and a youth meeting held every Friday evening.

Camaraderie exists among the girls as the majority have been resident at Alfred Beit House from Grade 8. Sport and cultural activities are well supported by the girls. They therefore show a keen interest in each other’s achievements.

Activities at the hostel include an ABH dance, inter-hostel sport’s day, an awards ceremony and an annual Christmas dinner. The girls themselves coordinate these.

In order to afford luxuries at the hostel, Mrs Margie de Bruin, the Hostel Superintendent, operates the ABH Bed and Breakfast during school holidays. Money raised from the Bed and Breakfast is used to smarten up the hostel and more recently upgraded the Common Room with state of the art television, DVD and surround sound equipment.

A Computer Room is available to the girls i order to do research and complete projects.

A fully equipped Laundry Room is available for girls to do laundry over weekends. A smaller laundry facility is also available on each floor.

Security is of the utmost importance. A guard is employed on a full time basis to endeavour to ensure the girls safety. Visiting hours at the hostel are monitored and strictly controlled.


  1.1 Boarders must adhere to the School Calendar dates. However, with the permission of the principal, boarders travelling on any form of public transport may leave on the flight / train / bus / taxi which will get them to their homes on the last day of the term.

When bookings are made for flights / trains / buses, the following rules apply:-

  • The hostel can provide transport only on the day before a term starts, the day before the end of term and the Friday and Sunday of a compulsory exeat weekend,
  • AND only at reasonable times.
  2.1 A girl who has signed out for the weekend must be collected by 15:00 on the Friday afternoon.
  2.2 Girls may return on Sunday evenings (no later than 20:00) or Monday mornings before school commences.
  2.3 Permission for weekend outings must be finalised by Thursday evening.
  2.4 All girls must vacate the hostel on compulsory exeat weekends.
  2.5 A girl going out for a weekend may do so provided she has no school commitments, and no additional study, work party, detention or sport commitments.
  2.6 If a girl wants to sign out to friends or family her parents must give written permission.
  2.7 At the end of the term and at the start of an exeat weekend all girls must be collected not later than 15:00.
  2.8 Girls whose parents arrive unexpectedly, may, with permission of the staff member on duty, accompany parents on an outing.
  3.1 Girls must sign out when leaving the hostel, and sign in on returning.
  3.2 All hotel and public bar premises are out of bounds unless girls are accompanied by their parents, or have received special permission.
  3.3 Leaving the hostel at any time without permission will be treated as a serious offence.

The following areas are out of bounds:

  • Staff duty room
  • Main laundry (except with permission - over week-ends)
  • Hostel kitchen
  • All staff quarters
  • Any home or premises announced
  3.5 The front door is locked at 17:30 every evening.
  4.1 Lockers and beds are expected to be tidy at all times, and clothing packed away. Lockers, cupboards and dormitories may not be left unlocked.
  4.2 Girls gave to be ready for bed by lights-out time.
  4.3 Radios, tapes, clock radios and Compact Disc players are not allowed.
  4.4 No noise after lights-out.
  4.5 Running around and horseplay are forbidden in dormitories, passages, bathrooms and staircases.
  4.6 Dormitories are out of bounds during meal and study times.
  4.7 Dormitory keys are available to all girls.  (On the payment of a R50-00 refundable deposit.)
  5.1 Cutlery, glasses, crockery, etc. may not be removed from the dining room.
  5.2 Anyone arriving late for a meal should excuse herself at the main table before taking her place.
  5.3 Good table manners and reasonable quiet are expected during meals.
  5.4 Attendance at meals are compulsory.
  5.5 Meal time dress: neat; no bathing suits; footwear must be worn (no slippers).
  6.1 Times:    Monday-Friday:  18:00 - 19:30
                                              20:00 - 21:00
                Saturday:             08:30 - 10:00
                Sunday:               18:00 - 20:00
(Reading and/or writing Session if academic work completed)
  6.2 In the weeks preceding exams, afternoon study is also compulsory.
  6.3 Afternoon study from 15.00 - 16.30 on days preceding cycle tests and during exams.
  6.4 The study room is to be left tidy and lockers are to be kept neat.
  7.1 No calls may be taken during meals.
  7.2 No calls may be taken during study.
  7.3 No cell phones to be visible during meal– or study times.
  7.4 In case of emergencies, parents (only) must call the Superintendent.
Grade 8: 20:30
Grade 9 - 11: 21:30
Grade 12: 21:45
Executive members: 22:00
  9.1 Appearance must at all times be clean and neat.
  9.2 Correct school uniform must be worn to school.
  10.1 When leaving the hostel grounds girls must leave in a group and they must return in a group.
  10.2 No girl may accept a lift in a vehicle to or from any destination.
  10.3 Girls must walk quietly on the pavements.
  11.1 Malfunctioning of hostel services must be reported at once.
  11.2 Smoking, alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Girls are absolutely forbidden to bring these substances into the hostel.
  11.3 Unacceptable literature may not be brought into the hostel.
  11.4 Bad language may not be used under any circumstances.
  11.5 All girls are encouraged to attend a Church service on a Sunday morning at a Church of the Denomination indicated by the parents.  Girls may not attend evening services.
  11.6 Each learner is expected to have her own bank card.
  11.7 The hostel does not take responsibility for the theft of cash or articles that go missing because of negligence on the owner’s part.
  12.l Executive members are elected to assist in the maintenance of discipline in the hostel and to prevent disorder of any kind. It is considered a serious offence for boarders to oppose their orders.
  12.2 They are responsible for the smooth running of their assigned dormitories and are encouraged to help the girls in their care in all matters pertaining to hostel and school.
  12.3 They are to ensure good behaviour going to and attending Church and any other functions.
  13.1 Any appointments for doctors, dentists, etc., must be made through the matron-on-duty.
  13.2 Girls must report to the matron-on-duty immediately on returning from any appointment.
  13.3 A girl who is ill must report to the matron on duty before breakfast.
  13.4 Parents are advised to ensure that their daughter is a member of a Medical Aid Scheme. Details of the Medical Aid Scheme and the membership number must be submitted to the Superintendent. Hostel staff do not take responsibility for private patients.  In an emergency parents will be notified to see to the necessary arrangements.
  13.5 Girls who are ill on a Friday will not be allowed out for the weekend.
  13.6 Girls who are booked off for more than 3 days must go home.
  13.7 A girl with a contagious disease must go home immediately and only return when she has recuperated fully.
  14.1 A fully equipped laundry is available for the girls to do their own laundry over weekends.
  14.2 A small laundry is available on each floor. Washing and ironing of clothes must be done there.
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